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Family Crest

At this stage, we have come across 3 variations of Family Crests to show you – we are in the process of verifying the authenticity of these and where and when they may have been registered.  Further information will be posted as we receive it – enjoy!

What may be registered at “The Hague, Netherlands”:


Van Blerk Family Crest

Van Blerk Family Crest

A Chief (a band on the top of the shield) with three stonemason’s mallets. The colour of the mallet’s are registered as Gules which is red.

Azure which is a blue-cyan colour and Argent which is silver and always shown as white are the main colours of our Crest and that the Chief was Argent and the remainder of the shield Azure.

An Irish Alternative:


Irish Crest
Irish Crest

This, in all probability, is a crest taken to America by the Irish.


A South African Alternative


Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

This Coat of Arms was created by Victor George van Blerck in the 1970’s, he is the father of Marius Van Blerck. He had a great interest in Genealogy and visited the town of Blerick to research the family name.
He did the heralding plaques for many families and also for naval ships.

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